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Haven't quit my 9-5 yet

  • Hornbill Festival: Day 2

    The final day of the festival was upon us (I know it says day 2 but like this was December 10,i.e., the final day of the festival) and I woke up to giant spider on my tentmate’s bag. Thankfully, I’m not afraid of spiders and I was at the time too stupid to consider the… Continue reading

  • Hornbill Festival: Day 1

    So we started descending from Dzukou Valley on December 9th at around 10:30 am, taking the trail towards Viswema. The trail is roughly 12-13 km and it took us the better part of the day to complete the descent. The trail is quite narrow for the most part and requires some parkouring skills (that is… Continue reading

  • Nagaland: Dzukou Valley

    My trip to Nagaland was in the prehistoric, pre-covid times. I’m not sure how relevant it will be now but here goes. I was still in college at this point. So me and a bunch of my friends funded this trip with our scholarship money. We wanted to attend the famous Hornbill Festival which is… Continue reading

  • Introduction

    Hey there! I currently work a 9-5 desk job but I love travelling (the influencers have succeeded!). Unfortunately, I’m not brave enough to quit my very stable job to follow my passion fulltime and honestly I think that’s okay. So there it is. This blog is primarily for those like me who don’t particularly enjoy… Continue reading

About Me

Although I love travelling, working a desk job often limits my scope so I primarily manage to go on short trips. I mess up and then proceed to grumble a lot too. Also, I have no idea what I’m doing.